Progettazione di un Sistema di Telemetria di controllo per la rete di approvvigionamento idrico a Brcko (Bosnia Herzegovina & Srpska Republic).

The water supply system system designed to Brcko (Bosnia Herzegovina) is divided into two operational areas.

  • by the river Sava (the pumping station has 11 pumps, suction);
  • inside the city, with 12 wells of distribution, located in different districts, which are part of a power station but that, if necessary, they can become autonomous and independent of each other in dealing with the pumping station.

This was a pilot project in the field of new technologies in industry: having to build a water distribution system from scratch you could use the philosophy intranet / extranet not only to the administrative-management system but also in the automation area.

Access to the system was made possible independently from the many local stations; this is because of  the need to make as much autonomy as possible in the areas of the city controlled by different ethnic groups, particularly in the event of a resurgence of internal conflict.

In addition, access to data and commands is provided both over the air (radio or cell phone) and cable telephone and, particularly, via the Internet. This is to offer an alternative in case one of the two modes is not available.

A further expansion of accessibility to data is ensured by a “self modeling” function that allows you to tailor the service to the needs and expertise of different users.

Finally, a security system can verify the identity of those who access and ensures the exchange of encrypted data.


CASE HISTORY: Water Supply System in Brcko




USER: Brcko Water Supply

DATE: 1999